Barclays House MSCP (Poole, Dorset)

Project: Barclays House MSCP - Concrete Repairs & Deck Membranes
Client: Barclays Bank PLC

The project:
Barclays House is the head-office for Barclays Bank PLC sited in Poole town centre, Dorset. The building houses some 900 staff and has its own dedicated staff car park to service the needs of the work force. The car park was subject to investigation when it was established that remedial works would be required to extend the life of the car park which had already served its purpose for some 40 years.

The solution: 
APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were employed to undertake a programme of concrete repairs, and apply deck membranes. The works involved large patch repairs to the decks, columns and soffits. Deck joint repairs were also undertaken to avoid the ingress of water on to deck slab edges and down onto the decks of the lower levels. Running lanes and ramps were coated with an inter-deck waterproofing system to stop water and de-icing salts from penetrating into the slab. All works were completed safely, within the expected programme and whilst the car park remained functional.


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