Glebe Street Bridge (Stoke-on-Trent)

Project: Glebe Street Bridge - Concrete Repairs & CFRP Strengthening 
Client: CLM Construction Ltd

The project:
Glebe St is a short Road located in the Centre of Stoke-onTrent, it links both the A52 and A500 and is subject to high volumes of traffic during peak times, it is also the home of Stoke City Councils Civic Hall and 14 listed buildings & shops. Glebe Street Bridge carries vehicular traffic over the Trent and Mersey Canal. A PBI identified sections of the deck as not meeting current standards with respect to the bridge deck loading capacity. As the client, Stoke City Council employed the services of Scott Wilson to propose designs to increase the strength of the bridge deck.

The outcome:
APA Concrete Repairs Ltd, were employed to install Carbon Fibre Reinforcing Plates (CFRP’s) to the soffit of the bridge deck. The works comprised of concrete repairs, surface preparation, bonding of each plate, before encasing them in dry sprayed concrete to increase the fire damage resistance of the CFRPs. The works as complete improved the load bearing capacity of the deck in line with specification.


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