New Tyne Crossing (Newcastle)

Project: New Tyne Crossing, Seepage Control 
Client: Bouygues Travaux Publics UK

The project: 
APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were involved in the construction of the New Tyne Crossing, part of their involvement included water seepage control works, cathodic protection and concrete repairs to enable the main works to continue. The New Tyne Crossing, is one of two tunnels that allow vehicular traffic to cross the River Tyne. It’s construction began in October 2008 and it was open to traffic in February 2011. The crossing cost £260M to complete and is planned to serve it’s purpose until 2037. The crossing comprises of various types of construction which includes 4 separate RC box sections that were sunk into a trench cut into the river bed and joined together before pumping water out. The box tunnels were joined to RC diaphragm wall structures at the transition between river and land. After their construction, the diaphragm walls were seeping with water in places due to the hydrostatic pressure from the surrounding river & inherent construction defects.

The solution:
were selected to undertake water seepage control works that involved the injection of water activated resins into the diaphragm walls. The works successfully stemmed the water flow enabling construction works to progress throughout the section.


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