Police HQ (Wakefield)

Project: Police HQ - Facade Refurbishment
Client: West Yorkshire Police

The project: 
APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were successful in competing for the refurbishment of the Front Facade of the Main Office Building at West Yorkshire Police Head Quarters, in the City of Wakefield. The building is sited in the heart of the City & shares a streetscape with a number of listed buildings including County Hall, with the Memorial & Coronation Gardens adjacent. Elements of the Facade were in a state of disrepair where concrete had spalled away in isolated areas and decorative coatings were flaking away to reveal bare concrete. Investigation of the concrete provided evidence of corrosion having taken place to most of the concrete mullions, which were steel beams surrounded by rebar and encased in concrete.

The solution: 
APA Completed a programme of works that included, Concrete Repairs, Migratory Corrosion Inhibitor, Elastomeric Anti-carbonation Coatings & Reinforced Waterproofing to the window sills. The Client selected a custom colour for the scheme that enhanced the overall appearance of the building as well as offering the protection required to the Facade.


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