Saville Street Culvert (Huddersfield)

Project: Saville Street Culvert - Cathodic Protection & Repairs
Client: The Environment Agency & Kirklees Metropolitan Council

The project: 
A district of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, whose name is derived from the water-powered mill & bridge that stood along side it in the 13th Century, Milnsbridge has a long history of intercepting exceptional volumes of water, due to its low lying position in the Colne Valley & a micro-climate driven by the nearby Pennine Hills. The primary flood defence of Milnsbridge consists of a 160m long culvert which runs beneath a main road, numerous dwellings & industrial premises, eventually joining with the River Colne. Beneath the main road section, a reinforced concrete bridge deck spans the culvert. Principal Bridge Inspections & maintenance are not straight forward due to restrictive access. The RC Down-stand Beams & deck soffit were known to be in a state of disrepair with essential maintenance required in order to restore the Road Deck to a serviceable condition.

The solution: 
APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were consulted prior to the formation of the scope of work (through E.C.I) & offered their experience of providing solutions to repair & protect reinforced concrete structures that lead to an overall reduction in maintenance costs & preserve the condition of structures for years to come. Under confined space conditions APA’s multi-disciplined workers applied a system comprising of concrete repairs & Cathodic Protection, which they installed from inside the culvert. APA encased the CPS in a Dry Sprayed Concrete Overlay.


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