Abrasive Blasting

Consisting of the operation of forcibly propelling abrasive material under high pressure onto a surface, Abrasive Blasting can be utilised on a variety of surfaces and for a number of purposes. There are variant methods of the process, dependant on the targeted surface in question, with some highly abrasive and some significantly milder, but all with the objective of preparing a surface to a desired standard. 

APA Concrete Repairs Ltd are equipped to undertake Wet, Dry & Dust Free Abrasive Blasting services for a range of purposes: 

  • Cleaning of Concrete Surfaces
  • Preparing Concrete Surfaces for subsequent protective coatings
  • Removal of Existing Coatings
  • Removal of Corrosion or Surface Contaminants (Rust/Residue)
  • Making a Rough Surface Smooth
  • Making a Smooth Surface Rough

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