Galvanic Cathodic Protection (GCP)

Galvanic CP Systems are corrosion prevention methods that utilise electrochemical means to protect a base material from corrosion, done so through the use of a sacrificial anode, which is more electrochemically reactive than the protected material and therefore corrodes before this material. This corrosion protection method does not rely on external electrical sources, therefore making it one of the simpler and more commonly employed forms of cathodic protection. Once installed and activated, Galvanic anodes can provide upwards of 15 years corrosion protection to a given structure. 

APA Concrete Repairs Ltd are experienced in the supply & installation of Galvanic Cathodic Protection Systems, including:

  • Patch Repair Anodes (Prevention of 'Ring Anode')
  • Discreate Anode Systems
  • Thermally Applied Metal Coating Systems


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