Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)

ICCP Systems are corrosion control methods which produce a powerful external current to suppress natural electrochemical activity by supplying a controlled amount of DC current to submerged surfaces, using zinc reference anodes and metal oxide anodes. The electrical current is continuously monitored and regulated by the system itself to prevent the electrochemical action of galvanic corrosion before it can begin. This is therefore a widely preferred method of Cathodic Protection as it requires little to no maintenance and reduced overall costs as a result, as well as the advantage of a long service life. Once installed and activated, ICCP systems can provide upwards of 30 years corrosion protection to a given structure. 

Steel framed buildings with masonry cladding are often subjected to corrosion of the steelwork due to water ingress; if the stone or brick masonry is in contact with the steel frame, the corrosion will often cause extensive cracking in the building facades. We therefore uniquely design and install ICCP systems for a number of steel framed buildings which are at risk of deterioration as a result of corrosion, providing the necessary protection for a number of historical buildings across the UK, such as  The Poplar Baths Leisure Centre 

APA Concrete Repairs Ltd are experienced in the supply & installation of various Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems, including:

  • Expanded Mesh & Overlay Systems
  • Ribbon Mesh Systems
  • Discreate Anode Systems
  • Thermally Applied Metal Coating Systems
  • Cassette Systems


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