Case study

A14 River Ouse Viaduct (Cambridge)

The project: 

Having been at the centre of local media attention, the A14 River Ouse Viaduct was considered a risk to public safety due to unpredictable spalling of concrete from various sections, in particular were those sections spanning the B1044 road & its walkways. In addition to this the viaduct had generally become deteriorated & required maintenance in order to ensure its ongoing safe use for the millions of users & their vehicles that drive over it every year.

The outcome: 

APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were contracted to undertake an extensive programme of Concrete Repairs & the installation of Cathodic Protection to the 5 supporting piers & abutments, all being constructed from reinforced concrete which had succumbed to a combination of water ingress from leaking road deck joints & waterborne de-icing salts that had penetrated into the concrete in places creating corrosion ’hotspots’ where structural reinforcement was actively corroding within the critical supporting structure.

The majority of APA’s concrete repair works were phased to reduce the need for temporary propping. Dry sprayed concrete was used to reinstate the areas that had been previously occupied by unsound concrete.

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