Concrete repairs

Concrete repair is one of our core disciplines and is integral to many of the refurbishment projects we partake in. As long-standing members of the Concrete Repair Association (CRA), APA Concrete Repairs Ltd have persistently provided a level of service in this discipline which meets and often exceeds the requirements of our clients, through the provision of corrosion control systems and protective surface coatings, subsequent to concrete repairs, to further enhance durability and ensure the appropriate aesthetics that our clients require. 

We offer a complete service of concrete repairs specific to the needs of reinforced concrete structures, ranging from careful, hand applied repairs for the remediation of cracked and spalled surfaces, to the reinstatement of large, defective areas through processes of shuttering and pouring or spray applied concrete. 

We utilise the most up to date equipment which is unique to the repair in question when breaking out and reinstating concrete, with pneumatic tools often utilised for the removal of defective material in small repair areas, and techniques of hydro-demolition undertaken for the breakout of large volumes of concrete. Materials are carefully selected to provide our clients with a cost-effective repair solution whilst reinstating the structure to its originally designed strength and condition. 

Our specialist concrete repair services also include the restoration of fire damaged structures, through extensive investigation and testing, prior to repair where possible, avoiding the costlier solution of demolition and reconstruction. We additionally undertake non-invasive structural concrete crack repairs, using progressive resin injection techniques, allowing for fast and long-lasting remediation in damaged structures of all backgrounds.

Our concrete repair services are undertaken by our own highly trained and certified operatives, ensuring a level of service which is suited to structures and projects of all scopes.

APA Concrete Repairs Ltd are widely experienced and suitably equipped in the following techniques for the remediation of Reinforced Concrete Structures:

Hand Applied Concrete Repairs

Poured / Flowable Concrete Repairs

Dry Spray Concrete (Gunite)

Wet Spray Concrete (Shotcrete)

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