Hydro-Demolition is a technique that utilises controlled high-pressure water jetting for the removal or demolition of defective concrete, providing a clean surface and suitable profile for the subsequent reinstatement/bonding of new concrete. This is often the preferred method of removing loose, deteriorated or damaged concrete due to its safe (vibration-free) and environmentally friendly nature.

APA Concrete Repairs Ltd undertakes two primary methods of Hydro-Demolition when breaking out defective concrete, with manual hand lace demolition used for instances where small amounts of concrete require removal, and the technique of Robojetting utilised for larger scale removal where speed, access and safety are of paramount importance. We utilise our own up to date equipment for these processes, such as hydraulically controlled cannon pumps, ensuring the most efficient and environmentally friendly operations. 

The processes of Hydro-Demolition provide a cost and time efficient method of concrete removal, with various technical and environmental benefits:

Allows for selective concrete removal, ensuring non-defective concrete remains intact

Provides a cleaned and suitably prepared surface for the application of new concrete

Ensures the maintained integrity of reinforcing steel

Cleans corrosion and chloride salts from reinforcing steel

Eliminates risk of micro cracking with structures caused by percussive methods

Eliminates risk of contaminations due to the ability of water being captured, cleaned & recycled

Avoids dust pollution

Reduces excessive noise pollution

Reduced operational downtimes

Avoids risk of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome related injuries

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