Multi-Storey Car Parks

There are well over 4,000 multi-storey car parks across the UK, almost all of which have been built since the 1940’s, with a boom in their construction during the 1960’s. Most of these were built from reinforced concrete and were designed to now outdated building regulations, many of which with a history of early deterioration. The problems incurred with such structures can be attributed to a number of factors; commonly inadequate design or construction, long-term neglect, poorly executed or a lack of prior maintenance works, or a detrimental surrounding environment.

APA Concrete Repairs Ltd offers remedial services unique to each circumstance and tailored to each variant of structure, ensuring the most accurate value engineering and design solutions. We have extensive experience in the repair, refurbishment and protection of car parks of all sizes, belonging to both local authorities and private owners, ranging from business parks and offices to hotels and shopping centres.

All car park owners and operators have a legal duty to maintain their car park facility to a standard which ensures the health and safety of those who use it. We are able to offer ‘Lifecare Plans’ to all car park structures, whereby subsequent to condition surveys, a detailed plan is generated, including recommendations for regular inspections, maintenance works and advice on how best to implement such plans, ensuring all health & safety requirements are consistently adhered to.

Being a multi-disciplined contractor and using in-house operatives, we are equipped to offer a nationwide service and a full refurbishment package where necessary, inclusive of concrete patch and crack repairs, the installation of cathodic protection systems, the application of protective coatings, the repair and replacement of deck joints, new lighting, drainage & Armco barrier systems amongst other associated works.

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