Bridge Bearing & Joint Replacement

APA Concrete Repairs Ltd are able to provide complete bridge bearing and joint replacement services, having notably undertaken bearing and joint remediations on a wide range of bridges situated along various motorways, as well as a number of the UK’s major (A) and minor (B) roads.

Bridge Bearings

Bridge Bearings are the components of a bridge which grant the differential movement between the deck, piers and abutments, allowing for a controlled movement that reduces stress on the structure. Over time these bearings will degrade as a result of ever-increasing traffic volumes, increased weights of vehicles and leaking joints, which can cause Bearings to corrode and therefore prevent the desired movement, inducing unwanted stresses within the bridge. An accumulation of debris and atmospheric pollutants can also contribute to shortened lives. Without their replacement, the function and durability of the bridge structure will be compromised. 

APA Concrete Repairs Ltd have considerable experience in this specialist repair and refurbishment activity, through the use of Elastomeric Pads and Strips. 

The application of these products provides an elastomeric interface between the supporting structure and the bridging structure, allowing the necessary thermal and structural movement. We have notably undertaken bearing remediations on a range of bridges situated along various motorways, as well as a number of the UK’s major (A) and minor (B) roads. 

Bridge Joints

Bridge joints are dynamic components designed to relieve or absorb the anticipated movement between structural elements, caused by vibration, heat, load transfer, seismic activity, shear movement and ground settlement in flooring, with the objective of preventing cracking and other structural damage. These joints are subject to continual expansion and contraction of varying extents, so it therefore vital to select the appropriate bridge joint system to ensure it can accommodate the stresses and loads imposed upon the structure. 

APA Concrete Repairs Ltd are able to provide a complete bridge joint replacement service, including assessment to identify the works required, installation of a new bridge joint system or the repair of the existing, as well as the formation of the concrete to accommodate the joint system through repair or saw cutting to extend the lifespan of the bridge. We are experienced in working with various bridge expansion joints; buried joints, asphaltic plug joints, nosing joints, reinforced elastomeric joints and elastomeric joints with metal runners.

We additionally offer a service for the waterproofing protection of construction joints – Click here to find out more. 

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