Case study

Timsbury Bridge (Timsbury)

The project:

Timsbury Bridge, situated in the South of Timsbury, Hampshire, is an early two span reinforced concrete bridge, built in 1909 and carrying the A3057 Stockbridge Road over the River Test. APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were appointed to undertake various concrete condition surveys and associated testing works to establish the condition of the bridge and to identify any potential requirement for future repair or strengthening works.

The solution:

Utilising a series of bespoke floating pontoons, various concrete condition surveys and tests were carried out on the different sections of the bridge. The testing comprised defects surveys, cover meter surveys, half-cell mapping, resistivity surveys, chloride iron content and depth of carbonation testing. The purpose of the condition surveys was to establish and locate all cracks, spalls, delamination’s, hollow surfaces, honeycombing, leaching, dampness, rust stains and exposed reinforcement, as well as the condition of any previous repairs. Tests were carried out on the deck soffit, vertical faces and soffits of beams and faces of abutments, wingwalls and piers.

The outcome:

The various surveys and testing carried out resulted in the generation of a report, detailing the findings of the defects survey, laboratory analysis and results, as well as recommendations for concrete repair and remedial works. Following completion of these surveying and testing works, Timsbury Bridge underwent a concrete repair and refurbishment programme.

Materials Utilised:

  • Flexcrete Monomix

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