Sprayed Concrete

Sprayed Concrete is the most efficient method of concrete application, exhibiting particular properties that often makes it superior to poured or hand applied concrete; providing a fast application as well as a highly strengthened and durable finish, with a reduction in need for formwork saving significant time and cost.

We most commonly use Sprayed Concrete for the strengthening and repair of existing structures, ideal for the reinstatement of concrete on vertical surfaces, overhead surfaces and curved structures, as well as often utilising the method to encapsulate or overlay our corrosion management systems. 

We provide high quality Sprayed Concrete services in a range of finishes to suit the application. We are experienced specialist applicators of Sprayed Concrete and are long-standing members of the Sprayed Concrete Association (SCA). We can provide value engineering on our clients’ projects without compromising on quality no matter what the application, whether it’s a bonded overlay, structural repairs or stabilisation that’s required. 

Having invested in market-leading equipment for the application of Sprayed Concrete, our trained in-house operatives are able to rapidly respond to and address complex projects of varying scopes. 

Types of Sprayed Concrete that APA Concrete Repairs Ltd undertakes:

Dry Spray Concrete (Gunite) – This method of application can often be used where smaller quantities and outputs are required, meaning more detailed repairs can be carried out, as well as access to confined spaces where necessary. Dry sprayed concrete holds a number of advantages which lie in its flexibility; it has a high very early strength for preliminary sealing or stabilising, has an almost unlimited holding time/availability of silo stored material, as well as the added benefit of producing minimal concrete waste when applied. 

Wet Spray Concrete (Shotcrete) – This method of application can often be used where higher outputs are required, meaning large structures requiring high output capacity repairs can be efficiently carried out. Wet sprayed concrete holds the advantages of higher durability (due to the controlled mixing water quantity), an improved working environment due to less dust and rebound material being generated, and reduced wear costs on the spraying equipment. 

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