Case study

Clints Road Retaining Wall (Great Corby)

The project:

The Clints Road retaining wall, located in the Cumbrian village of Great Corby, was in need of concrete repair works in the summer of 2017. Comprising of sandstone masonry/concrete and built on top of a sandstone rock outcrop to the south of Corby beck, this wall is responsible for retaining the grass verges which run along the U1192 County Road. Due to its age this retaining wall had begun to deteriorate, with areas of fissured rocks present as well as an extensive overgrowth of vegetation. APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were the successful tenderers for the repair project with the objective of encapsulating and strengthening the existing rock face with a sprayed concrete overlay.

The solution:

The initial stage of the repairs required the removal of surrounding vegetation and the installation of scaffolding access, before preparing the surfaces of the rock face through a process of pressure washing. ‘Weep holes’ were then cored into the rock face and perforated PVC pipes were installed, in order to create ‘weep pipes’ throughout the wall. Stainless steel mesh fabric was then fixed over the face of the rock before dry sprayed concrete was applied, up to a maximum thickness of 150mm, to follow the contours of the rock face.

The outcome:

The concrete repairs to the retaining wall on Clints Road were completed by September 2017. The ‘weep pipes’ installed had the resulting effect of the alleviating potential water build-up, arresting its deterioration and providing a stable foundation for the walling above. The sprayed concrete overlay successfully encapsulated the rock face and provided an improved aesthetic appearance. These works comprised the third phase of the repairs to this retaining wall, with phase four commencing the following summer.

Materials Utilised:

  • Webercem Spray DS
  • Stainless Welded Mesh
  • Fischer FIS V 360 S Injection Mortar

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