Water Industry

The Water companies across the UK have a significant responsibility in servicing the Water and Sewage needs of the incomparable number of towns and cities which require it. This year-round demand results in continual operations at near full capacity, meaning the facilities and structures within this industry require ongoing maintenance. Many of the structures within the Water Industry are constructed from reinforced concrete and can suffer from a variety of problems, including water leaks within structures, resulting in significant concrete deterioration.

Whilst the problems may seem familiar to those involved in repair and refurbishment work, the water industry provides its own unique environment in which to carry out repair work. Materials have to be approved by various inspectorates and operatives follow stringent health and safety procedures, including being trained to work in confined spaces.

Our disciplines provided range across the different infrastructure within this industry, covering service reservoirs, tunnels, outfalls and wastewater treatment facilities amongst others.

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