Case study

Esholt Waste Water Treatment Works (Bradford)

The project 

Yorkshire Water (YW) were enduring problems with deterioration to their Primary Settlement Tanks (PSTs) within Esholt Waste Water Treatment Works in Bradford. The PSTs had been recently constructed as part of the Freshwater Fish Directive Scheme under Yorkshire Water’s AMP 5 (Asset Management Plan). Two PSTs were showing signs of wear, particularly the tops and sides of walls where the concrete was friable and had broken down at the surface to leave an exposed aggregate finish, particularly around the line of the agitator boom running wheel where a running groove had formed in the top of the concrete around the wall tops. APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were invited to site to provide a solution to this problem.

The solution

Reforming and maintaining the original profile to the tops of the walls was of paramount importance due to the alignment requirements of the running wheel to enable the agitator boom to run around the circumference of the tanks all year round as well as the obvious loading and wear resistance associated with it. APA Concrete Repairs Ltd devised a programme of repair and protection works that included the installation of fixed scaffolding inside each tank, surface preparation of the walls using their Quill Dustless (wet) Abrasive Blasting system, before applying a specialist re-profiling mortar to the walls, a hard wearing epoxy mortar to the wall tops (the running surface) and subsequently a protective coating system over the top.

The outcome

The concrete walls to the two PSTs were successfully re-profiled, with the tops of the walls provided with a level running surface with an anti-slip finish as had been desired by the Client (YW). The protective coating system added increased durability to the repaired wall tops and increased the service life of the tanks thereby reducing future ‘life cycle’ maintenance costs.

Materials Utilised

  • Remmers Betofix R2 repair mortar
  • Remmers Epoxy MT100 epoxy mortar

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