Case study

Weymouth Harbour, Groyne Stone Pier (Weymouth)

The project

Weymouth Harbour had been subject to decades of sea water and tidal exposure, resulting in certain areas of the concrete harbour falling into dereliction, and the Western Groyne Stone Pier wall in particular suffering from significant erosion above the high-water line and even worse damage with sections of the foundation having been partially washed away. Repair works had therefore become essential in order to restore and maintain this structure. Having already undertaken repairs to the Southern arm of Weymouth Stone Pier, APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were then appointed to carry out concrete repairs to the length of the Western Groyne Stone Pier.

The solution

Scaffolding was first erected during low tide times, transported to and from the pier via a barge from the other side of the harbour due to limited land access. The surface of the Western Groyne Stone Pier was then prepared via high pressured water jetting in order to remove any seaweed, algal growth and loose material from the vertical surface, providing suitable preparation for the repair materials. Deep pockets in the pier wall were reinstated to their original surface level before the installation of a mesh reinforcement and then the overlay of the full areas of the wall using a spray applied concrete at a thickness of 50mm, finished with a steel float to provide a smooth finish.

The outcome

Being the most efficient method of concrete application, the process of sprayed concrete to the Western Groyne Stone Pier was completed by May 2017, ensuring this ever-popular destination could be promptly re opened to the public in advance of the summer months and resultant increased foot fall. The materials used for the completion of the repairs were provided by Weber Saint-Gobain UK.

Materials Utilised

  • Webercem Spray RS
  • Webercem Spray DS

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