Case study

Wellington Road Bridge (Stockport)

The project:

The Wellington Road Bridge, a grade II listed structure, is an 1824-26 masonry viaduct consisting of eleven arches carrying the road above the lower river valley. This bridge forms an important part of the transport infrastructure of Stockport’s urban landscape and therefore required expeditious attention. APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were appointed to undertake a repair and refurbishment process consisting of the removal of existing coatings, concrete repairs & stitching, re-coating and mastic jointing works.

The solution:

Prior to the concrete repair programme, existing coatings were first removed via scraping and washing, in order to provide a sufficient key for repairs. A hammer test was undertaken to the shotcrete render covering the arch intrados before a cementitious repair material was applied to failed areas of exposed brickwork. Concrete render painting works were then carried out to the intrados before the raking out and repointing of the arch spandrel walls. New protective coatings were then applied, concrete stitching was undertaken and joints re-sealed with new mastic.

The outcome:

The repair process was completed in September 2018 and ensured the prolonged integrity of this historic and heavily utilised bridge. The refurbishment works carried out greatly improved the aesthetic appearance of the bridge, particularly with regards to the arch intrados, with the repairs and protective coatings applied providing increased durability and longevity for the structure.

Specified Materials:

  • Fosroc Nitokit LV
  • Fosroc Nitoseal MS600
  • Fosroc Nitoseal Primer MS2
  • Glixtone Masonry Coating AC1
  • Glixtone Masonry Paint AC1
  • Sika MonoTop 610
  • Sika MonoTop 615
  • Webercem Keycoat
  • Webercem Lightweight Mortar

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