Case study

Gateshead Magistrates Court (Tyne and Wear)

The project

Gateshead Magistrates Court and Gateshead County Court were originally located at separate sites, half a mile apart, close by to the busy A167 Newcastle Upon Tyne approach. In order to improve efficiency and reduce long-term costs both courts were integrated into one site at Warwick St, originally home to the Magistrates Court. Improvements were required to the existing building before the transition could take place to ensure the building was fit for purpose.

The solution 

APA Concrete Repairs Ltd, installed a composite system of Carbon Fibre Reinforcement Plates (CFRP’s) to existing RC deck slabs inside the building. The works comprised of the partial break-out of slabs & surface preparation, before bonding each plate & reinstating the slabs in order to embed the plates within the slab, a structural improvement that has enhanced the load bearing capacity of the slabs making them fit for their intended use and achieving specification in accordance with DDA regulations. Works were complete on programme & with minimal disturbance to the Client, this was partly achieved through weekend & night working.

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