Case study

RAF Leeming Water Tower (North Yorkshire)

The project:

Royal Airforce (RAF) Leeming, is a British air force station located near Leeming, North Yorkshire. This RAF station trains, delivers and supports UK and overseas Expeditionary Air Operations. Having been in active use since its opening in 1940, its clear to see why certain structures within this historic station had a need for structural repair and reinforcement. APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were therefore contracted to conduct repairs to any internal and external cracking and spalling located on specified structures within the station, as well as rectifying any areas of exposed reinforcement to prevent any further leakage/weeping.

The solution:

The first stage of works consisted of external repairs to the low-level reservoir roof. Upon completion of a visual and hammer survey to identify the specified repairs, suitable areas of defective concrete were broken out. The substrate and existing reinforcement were primed, before being reinstated using a proprietary hand applied repair mortar. The flat roof was then prepared, and a liquid applied reinforced waterproofing membrane was installed. Repairs were also required to the stations water tower; the same process was followed for the breakout, preparation and re instatement of a repair mortar to specified areas, before any leaking cracks were filled with a rapid setting mortar. A method of roped access was then utilised to prepare and paint any couplers and fixings to the internal downpipe. Finally, a liquid applied reinforced waterproofing membrane was similarly installed to the flat roof of the water tower.

The outcome:

Both structures within the RAF Leeming station were remediated against all areas of cracked and spalling concrete, with any leaking cracks chased out and filled, before completing the roof repairs. The application of a guaranteed reinforced waterproof membrane to both rooves ensured further protection against future leaking, damage and corrosion, providing a long-term solution for the MoD.

Materials Utilised:

  • Weber.cem Sprayed Concrete DS
  • Weber.cem HB40
  • Leeson Watertite

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