Case study

West Burton Power Station (Nottinghamshire)

The project 

The Boom Stacker is part of the coal handling plant sited at West Burton Coal Fuelled Power Station. It is responsible for handling the majority of coal deliveries on the site, and does so using a system comprising of a slewing conveyor & boom. Together, the Conveyor & Boom weigh in the region of 1000t, a considerable weight supported by a reinforced concrete table straddling a sub-surface coal storage hopper. Having served the station for some 40 years the RC Support table required extensive repairs to its Legs & Soffit in order to maintain its life for a further 15 years.

The solution

Working together with Atkins & EDF, APA Concrete Repairs Ltd aided with the development of the design & subsequently undertook extensive repairs works using their in-house resources. The repairs were split into phases & completed during night possessions so that the client could maintain use of the structure during the days without imposing significant restrictions or temporary propping. Works included; Concrete Investigation, Hydro-demolition, Steel Fixing with Mechanical Couplers, Installation of Galvanic Anodes & Sprayed Concrete Reinstatement.

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