Concrete Survey

This stage of our Survey and Investigation process takes place on site and through the use of various digital/electronic tools and testing equipment. The survey methods involved in this phase are commonly undertaken with the objective of establishing the existing condition of the concrete structure, the imbedded steel reinforcement and the concrete cover afforded to the steel reinforcement, prior to any further off-site evaluations which we may undertake. 

APA Concrete Repairs Ltd carries out a range of Concrete Survey techniques that include:

  • Carbonation Testing – The process of concrete carbonation takes place where the PH of concrete (normally 11-11.5) falls at a level below 10, meaning the steel’s thin layer of surface passivation dissolves and corrosion can take place. We test for Concrete Carbonation with the use of a chemical indicator which, when not turning pink, indicates that alkalinity has been lost. 
  • Chloride Profiling – These inspections are undertaken with the aim of establishing if the level of chloride ion penetration has reached the depth of reinforcement within a concrete structure. 
  • Cover Depth Survey – We utilise “covermeters” for the non-destructive measurement of the concrete cover of steel reinforcement in structures. These surveys can also locate main and secondary reinforcement to determine bar sizes and spacing and to determine minimum cover and cover variability across an element. 
  • Ferroscan Survey – A ferroscan device can be used to measure and provide information regarding the arrangement and position of steel reinforcement, the depth of concrete cover and an indicative bar diameter, providing us with a quick and easy method of scanning large areas of concrete.
  • Half-Cell Potential Mapping – These surveys offer us a fast, cost-effective and non-destructive method for assisting in the detection of corrosion in concrete reinforcement. We commonly undertake these surveys on bridge decks, balconies and concrete structures in a marine environment.

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