Case study

Broadmarsh Revetment (Havant)

The project:

Broadmarsh embankment, Havant, acts as a sea defence structure around the Broadmarsh area. The Armorloc blocks which made up the surface of the revetment had become defective and other areas of the structure also required remediation. APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were appointed to rectify the various defects on the Broadmarsh embankment, to reinstate its integrity as a coastal defence structure.

The solution:

The defects to the revetment varied in different locations, meaning that various repair techniques were to be employed. In the defective areas, Armorloc blocks and the geotextile membranes were carefully taken up and stored on site for potential re use. The revetment fill material was excavated in order to prepare the surface for the laying of a compact crushed concrete and Type 1 fill, both compacted in layers, in order to create a suitable base for the Armorloc reinstatement. The slope was graded and the surface suitably prepared and a concrete footing was poured to form the toe of the revetment to retain the armorloc blocks when in situ. The geotextile membrane was then re-laid to the surface of the revetment in all areas, before the placement of the Armorloc blocks and the graded shingle to finalise the installation.

The outcome:

The works to the sea defence revetment around Broadmarsh were carried out successfully and ensured the integrity of the defence structure, whilst providing protection against future coastal erosion. Where possible, previously removed and preserved materials, including the Armorloc blocks, were re-used in order to reduce wastage and maintain the client’s budget. The refurbishment works resulted in a significantly improved appearance to the embankment, as well as a durable coastal defence structure.

Materials Utilised:

  • Armorloc Revetment Blocks
  • Crushed Concrete Fill
  • Geotextile Membrane
  • Gabion Baskets
  • Marine Grade Concrete
  • Graded Shingle

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