Case study

Otterburn Defence Training Estate (Northumberland)

The project:

The Otterburn Defence Training Estate (DTE O), established in 1911, is located in Northumberland, with an area consisting of around 58,000 acres. This range is one of only two places in the UK where the army can train properly on its modern artillery systems. With training at DTE O taking place 7 days a week and for virtually the whole year, this estate is used for training up to 30,000 soldiers a year and is inclusive of two live firing ranges as well as numerous hutted camps. The DTE O includes two low level reservoirs which were in need of external repair and reinforcement. APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were appointed to conduct the concrete repairs to these low-level reservoirs within the estate, complete with the provision of protective coatings and waterproofing.

The solution:

The first phase of repairs was concentrated on remediating the main access gate area, which involved the installation of drainage to divert watercourse and the modification of the gate to prevent any potential further watercourse issues. The necessary external repairs to the low-level reservoirs followed a process of defective concrete breakout, preparation of the substrate and any existing reinforcement, before reinstatement of the area using a proprietary hand applied repair mortar. Walls were then pressure washed and an elastomeric protective coating was applied. The final stage was to prepare the flat roofs of the reservoirs and administer a liquid applied reinforced waterproofing membrane.

The outcome:

The refurbishments within the Otterburn Defence Training Estate were completed by APA in October 2014, resulting in the successful remediation of all concrete defects, plus the application of elastomeric anti-carbonation coatings and a guaranteed roof membrane providing protection against any potential future deterioration.

Materials Utilised:

  • Sika MonoTop 615
  • Leeson Watertite
  • Sikagard Elastomeric Coatings 

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