Case study

Poplar Baths (London)

The project

The current Poplar Baths building opened in 1934 and was one of the most impressive early 20th century public leisure facilities in the UK. This grade ll listed building was a hugely popular facility for a range of leisure activities, from swimming and boxing to theatre and exhibition. However, since its closure to the public in 1986, the building continued to degrade and deteriorate. Therefore, upon the announcement of the attempted restoration of Poplar Baths, APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were proud to be selected to partake in the regeneration of this historical building.

The solution

APA were contracted to design and install an impressed current cathodic protection system (ICCP) to masonry clad structural steel framed elements at Poplar Baths. Brick masonry was sympathetically removed to allow for the installation of the ICCP system before being rebuilt around the now protected structural steelwork. In addition to the installation of the ICCP system, isolated concrete repairs were also carried out to both internal and external concrete substrates, including the main pool area, involving the protection of internal columns and beams using a sacrificial anode system, to ensure further corrosion is prevented. Proprietary hand applied concrete repairs were undertaken to internal and external structural elements (including further anode installation). Crack injection repairs to walls and floor slab soffits were also carried out as part of the repair and protection process, and as a final preventative and protective measure, internal and external repaired concrete surfaces were prepared, prior to the application of protective coatings.

The outcome

The ICCP system designed and installed by APA will now ensure the building receives ongoing protection of the steel structure from further corrosion for many years to come. The successful refurbishment of this structure by APA resulted in recognition from the industry alongside Sika UK, in the receipt of a Structural Concrete Alliance award at the Concrete Society Awards 2016. With the help of the repairs carried out by APA, the Poplar Baths Leisure Centre officially re opened to the public on August 13th, 2016, ensuring this landmark structure is safe and secure for a new generation to enjoy.

Materials Utilised:

  • Keim Coatings
  • Sika Repair & Protection Materials

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