Case study

Tween Bridge Windfarm (Doncaster)

The project

Tween Bridge wind farm, Doncaster, is home to one of the UK’s largest renewable energy farms, housing 22 wind turbines with an overall general capacity of 44MW. In 2015, the Tween bridge wind farm met the electrical needs of around 30,000 homes, whilst also providing community funding towards local projects and initiatives. It is estimated that these turbines will save over 3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over their lifetime of 25 years. Each turbine is 125m high from ground level up and has a substantial foundation consisting of a reinforced concrete ground base cast on top of a series of piles driven deep into the ground. The foundations are subjected to considerable force over their lifecycle from wind loadings, therefore it’s crucial that each base remains in serviceable condition.

The solution

APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were employed to seal the base construction joints around each turbine, internal and external annuli. Subsequently APA installed a Triflex waterproof over-banding detail over each joint, providing a waterproof seal and protecting an otherwise vulnerable point at the base from likely weather damage that may be caused by water ingress and frost damage.

The outcome

The completed repairs provided reinforced waterproofing around the bases of the wind turbines along with a warrantee for the high quality waterproofing system, resulting in reduced overall future ‘life cycle’ maintenance costs for the windfarm. APA were proud to have helped sustain this renewable energy site and support the electrical needs of the over 30,000 homes that the Tween Bridge wind farm supports.

Materials Utilised

  • Sikaflex Pro 3 WF (Joint sealant)
  • Triflex Towersafe (Waterproof over banding)

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