Case study

Uskmouth Power Station (Newport)

The project 

APA Concrete Repairs Ltd were called to site during major replacement works in the 500kV substation at Uskmouth Power Station, Newport, in order to conduct a survey & investigation of existing reinforced concrete gantries within the substation. There have been various historical cases of critical failure to similar type gantries that had been cast using High Alumina Cement (HAC) or chloride-based accelerators within the concrete mix. This was a significant concern to the Client who required confirmation as to whether their gantries contained high levels of chlorides or HAC, which would enable them to decide as to whether the existing gantries could be reused or if they required demolition and replacement.

The solution

APA provided a survey & investigation proposal including testing for the presence of HAC and chlorides, as well as testing for carbonation and surveying for defects. The site team completed the works safely and within a strict time frame to suit an already congested programme of works during a planned outage. Access was achieved using Mobile Elevated Platforms (MEWP) under the strict control of trained banksmen.

The outcome

The surveying and investigative works were completed within the time frame as set by the client, ensuring the planned outage to accommodate the works was not required any longer than was necessary, with the survey results assisting the generation of a comprehensive report detailing our findings as well as recommendations for remedial works.

Materials Utilised

  • Sikawrap 301c
  • Sikadur 330
  • Sika Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Wrap
  • Protective UV Coatings

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